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Nick Ripatrazone

Interview with The Fine Delight

Nick Ripatrazone did a wonderful interview with me about Reliquary over at The Fine Delight. Here's a brief excerpt:

That someone would see the piety in these things never occurred to me. Furthermore, that I myself might still engage with, respect and awe these ideas that seemed so far away, was amazing. I still can;t sit here and claim to be some arbitrary definition of a 'religious person,' but the book allowed me to remember what faith (and prayer) might actually be: this skin that's ever-molting; never as stationary and calm as you'd hope it to be.

You should definitely check it out!

Review of the chapbook at HTMLGIANT

Check out a new (and amazing) review of the chapbook on HTMLGIANT.

Really big thanks to Nick Ripatrazone for the close and attentive reading of the work, and the HTMLGIANT for giving the review a home.