Matthew Minicucci


Kimberly Kolbe

Small Gods cover reveal!

Happy announcement! I'm excited to share the finalized cover for my next book, Small Gods, forthcoming from New Issues. The collection will be out October 1st! Over the next few months and into the summer, I'll be sharing some of the wonderful blurbs and kind words about the book from amazing people like Alan ShapiroKate DanielsMaggie Smith, and A. Van Jordan.


I can't thank everyone at New Issues enough for how amazing they've been during this process. Kimberly Kolbe, Sarah Kidd, and William Olsen have all been kind, and brilliant, and kind again since signing the contract a little over a year ago.

I'm working hard to schedule readings and visits for next fall and spring (and beyond!). If you're affiliated with a university reading series, community reading series, or have a recommendation for a favorite bookstore in your area that would love to host an often overdressed but very smiley and thankful poet, please send me a message!

And, please share! I'd love for this good news to reach as far as possible!