Matthew Minicucci

Mission Creek Festival in Iowa City, IA

Mission Creek Festival is already going on, but I’m heading out there with Natalie Mesnard, Ted Sanders, and Jensen Beach this Friday.

Ted and I will be reading at the Lit Crawl on Friday night. Details below:

Date: Friday, April 4th

Time: 6pm

Venue: Dublin Underground (5 South Dubuque Street)


1) Brian Evenson

2) Josh Ostergaard

3) T Geronimo Johnson

4) Ariel Lewiton

5) Matt Minicucci

6) Ted Sanders

The event is free and open to the public. So I hope to see you there!

AWP 2014 Seattle

#AWP2014 is almost here! The excitement builds as the money slowly bleeds away.


I’ll be in Seattle this year representing the University of Illinois, and Ninth Letter Online, which I’m editing this semester. Should be a wonderful time!


Also, I’ll be signing chapbooks at the Accents Publishing Table (AA3) between 12pm-1pm on Friday, February 28th. Please come by and say hi!



Monmouth Reading Recap

The reading at Monmouth was a huge success.  Students and faculty alike were active, engaged, and enjoying the time spent with great writing.  Ted Sanders and Jensen Beach were, as always, amazing, and they had such wonderful advice for all the young writers there.  I wanted to thank David Wright, and the entire Monmouth community, for hosting us and showing us such a great time.

Some pics:

From left to right: Ted Sanders, Matthew Minicucci, Jensen Beach

Post-reading Q & A


Books & Books & Books




Reading News

I’ll be reading on November 12th at Monmouth College (Illinois) with my great friends and fellow writers Ted Sanders and Jensen Beach.

Reading begins at 6:15pm, and is located at the Mellinger Teaching and Learning Center.  Free to the public!

New publications

I’m currently on vacation in Wells, ME and have had a wonderful week of the ocean, and a wonderful week of poems coming out in great places.

I have three poems up right now on Hobart.  I also have another two up on the Summer 2013 edition of West Branch Wired.

I’m heading off to Vermont tomorrow for the VCFA Postgraduate Conference.  Looking forward to a week of manuscript tweaking!

Interview up at The Fine Delight

Nick Ripatrazone did a wonderful interview with me about Reliquary over at The Fine Delight

Here’s a brief excerpt:

“That someone would see the piety in these things never occurred to me.  Furthermore, that I myself might still engage with respect and awe these ideas that seemed so far away, was amazing.  I still can’t sit here and claim to be some arbitrary definition of a ‘religious person,’ but the book allowed me to remember what faith (and prayer) might actually be: this skin that’s ever-molting; never as stationary and calm as you’d hope it to be”

You should definitely check it out!

Reading at Stories & Beer, April 27th

A video of me reading from Reliquary at Stories & Beer last week:

AWP 2013 Signing Pics

With Katerina Stoykova-Klemer

With Katerina Stoykova-Klemer


Chapbook signing

Chapbook signing

Signing with Greg Pape

Signing with Greg Pape

More signing

More signing

With Haley Crigger

With Haley Crigger




Review of the chapbook at htmlgiant

Check out a new (and amazing) review of the chapbook on htmlgiant

Really big thanks to Nick Ripatrazone for the close and attentive reading of the work, and to htmlgiant for giving the review a home.



AWP Boston is just around the corner.

I’m excited to see old friends, and to make as many passes around the book fair as humanly possible.

I’ll be signing my chapbook at the Accents Publishing table (N-18) at 1:00pm on Friday.  If you can, stop by, say hi, and pick up a chapbook.

More updates via the site and Twitter as the conference develops.